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Looking for a better yearbook experience?

One Deadline

Yes, you read that right. Multiple deadlines cause you stress and only help your publisher. One deadline puts the power in your hands to submit everything at one time allowing your book to be printed in one run without variations in color.

Simple Pricing

No more surprises on the invoice at the end of the year. In fact, you may qualify for a no invoice program that gives you money back after delivery. Our massive buying power allows us to pass the savings on to you, and you know from the beginning what your books cost.

Quick Turnaround

In some cases, we can offer a 2-week turnaround. For more complex, specialty orders, you can still receive your books in only 5 or 6 weeks. Regardless, we're committed to working with you and your organization to coordinate a timeline that makes sense and fits your schedule.

Custom Marketing

Your pictures and your school colors on your sales materials. Let us take the work out of selling the book so that you can focus on what really matters. We can handle your email campaigns directing students and parents to your own custom online sales site.

A Milestone Group - Primary-01.png

We know all the headaches that schools and yearbook advisers face. So, we decided to build a yearbook experience focusing on schools' needs. Jeff and Harold decided there had to be a better way to help schools with their yearbook programs. Now as a proud Milestone partner, Wilcox Recognition offers exceptional yearbooks complete with hands-on training, custom yearbook marketing materials, and a team of industry experts available to help all of their school partners.

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